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April 26, 2014

Real estate drone San Diego California

by San Diego homes for sale

Real estate drone San Diego California


This video is a introduction to video drones by Bob Schwartz,CRS,GRI, San Diego real estate broker. Although this video is directed toward other real estate agents and brokers who are considering using an aerial drone for marketing purposes, the basic information here will be useful for anyone considering the purchase of a drone for any purpose.

If you are a hands-on person and would like to take on the challenge of a new hobby that could increase your real estate business, this might be perfect for you. A real estate agent should consider the use of a drone as just another marketing tool. And just like any tool, it is going to be an investment and learning curve involved. Consider this carefully because if you don’t have the time, money or inclination to enjoy piloting a model aircraft. I would definitely recommend hiring a professional who uses a drone to provide you with the video footage of the property that you’re marketing.

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed model planes when I was a teenager. And after watching a couple of YouTube videos on the new quad copter’s ease of use and most importantly, being able to provide a stable platform for video, photography, I knew I had to get one.

Most real estate agents that I talked to can see the advantage in using a drone to promote larger properties or properties with views or acreage, but, the vast majority of agents that I’ve spoken to have not considered the fact that a drone is also a very powerful listing tool.

Today, many high-end property owners interview more than one potential listing agent. So, when going on a listing appointment, imagine bringing along your notebook and being able to show a marketing video that you created using a drone! Actually, I believe the major benefit in using a drone is not so much in getting more information to potential buyers, but by offering the aerial video service, you are perceived as offering greater value as a listing agent then the vast majority of your competitors!

Another benefit of actually becoming a video real estate drone pilot is that when you’re learning and practicing flying the quad copter. Many people come up to you to ask questions and this is the perfect time to give out your real estate business card. With this in mind, I always practice with the drone in local parks near homes that I would love to list for sale.

In addition, if you’re in a smaller town. Consider the free marketing exposure, you may be able to get by sending a link to your latest real estate drone video to your local newspaper or TV channel.

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